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I'm a well-trained, friendly, Siberian Husky/Malamute service dog -- and so much more.

2009, January, born - The die is cast. My humans Ro and Lisa picked me up in Long Beach from a nice couple, at 6 weeks. I was the last of a small litter. Lisa found me on Craig's List, by chance and asked Ro if they could keep me. There was only a side view picture of me in the ad, so Ro asked them to send a front shot -- he was hoping I had different colored eyes -- Bowie eyes. As soon as he saw that I did, they were off to get me without hesitation, and I took up my new home in a nice house in the hottest place in the world: The Valley! Thank g-d they had a POOL, so I lived! Their cats Mochi and Booners wanted to eat me though, but I survived. Not without picking up a lot of cat traits from them though: I prance, stalk -- butt back and forth in the air, and love being in the window watching the world go by. This was Mochi's passion and he taught me well. LIsa named me after Johnny Cash -- "The Man in Black" -- and added Sir for good measure.

 2011 - location Downtown, LA:  Ro and Lisa split up so he and I eventually moved downtown to an artsy loft where I met some new friends, Fran and her two boys, Ian and Will and their awesome Border Collie, Blue. I learned to get along with kids and dogs and rough-housed my heart out. We did lots of camping, sharing of ice cream cones, gold prospecting, hiking and swimming in wild rivers.

I learned to pull Ro around on rollerskates going 40 mph -- I know I can go faster though -- his screaming slows me down. And I'm supposed to be a service dog, so I go easy on the poor guy.

Fast forward to 2013 when the world's leading photographers and filmmakers seem to gather under my window and call to me -- there's a film shoot every single day in my little neighborhood -- the place is on fire with creativity! I guess I'm quite a sight, so they call and snap pix and everybody knows me by name. Kids are strangely craZ about me and I get rad compliments, I mean like wow, every few feet I walk. "Cash! Cash!", they call. I love it though. They started an Instagram hash tag for me, #HewittHusky and post pictures. Go figure. I get a big kick out of the whole deal.

Majestic Siberian husky /malamute -- SERVICE DOG, FRIEND & FAMILY MEMBER

sir cash, the hewitt husky